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Super Dope weed

Super dope weed is one of three brands that are grown in Michigan by Fear Of Boof. They, along with Hi-Tech and Doja, are able to carry the reputation of being some of the best weed in Michigan. These companies are based in California, where they have already made their reputation, and they are sending their genetics to Michigan to be grown by the best growers in the state.


Super Dope weed With this level of cannabis, the variables within the growing process are narrowed down to the exact metric for the strain. Every variable is thoroughly tested for each individual strain to find the maximum potential for trichome production. The strains are grown in small batch harvests with limited plants per strain, then released to dispensaries through limited drops, where every dispensary only gets a certain number of pre-packs to keep exclusivity over the product. This system creates some of the best tasting, most potent marijuana in the country!

We are SUPER DOPE. A lifestyle brand built around anime, video games, and pop-culture. We are dedicated to the craft of creating exceptional products and experiences. Welcome to the world of SUPER DOPE.